3 Dimensional Printing Holiday Course

Children and teenagers are intuitively full of ideas. Just imagine if they can transform their ideas into real objects! NZ 3D is proud to present innovative 3-Dimensional (3D) tools to enhance your child's creativity and academic applications.  


First, we will teach your child to use 3D modeling software to crystallise an idea into 3D design. Mathematical concepts will be used in this process to show their applications. Then the final computer design will be sent to a 3D printer to form a real 3D shape. Creating something has never been as easy. It's almost magic. The only limit is your imagination!

Bring your creative ideas to life with 3D Printing !


Basic (2-day) or Intermediate (4-day) classes from 10am to 4pm (dates to be confirmed)

Build 3D name signs, customized trophies, fly-able aircraft model and other 3-D models using 3-D Printing technologies.

You need to bring your own lap-top computer and we will load 3D printing software tools free of charge!

Basic Course fees: $200 +$20 registration/materials

Intermediate Course fees: $350+$20 registration/materials


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Basic Course fees: $150 +$20 registration/materials


Intermediate course fees:  $230 + $20 registration/materials

Basic Course (Day 1)

10.00 am to

4.00 pm

Overview and Demonstration in 3D Modeling Printing

a. Popular tools used for 3D modeling (Google Sketchup, Openscad, etc.)

b. What is 3D printing? (Its history and the future)

c. Basic components of 3D printer (Hardware, printing materials and software)

d. Build your own or buy the 3D printer

e. 3D printing demonstration (create a flyable aircraft model to bring home)

Basic Course (Day 2)

10.00 am to

4.00 pm

Essential steps in 3D Modeling and Printing

a. Create your own name plaque to bring home.

b. Sourcing of free 3D models (3D Warehouse,Thingiverse)

c. Convert a 3D model into 3D printable formats..

Intermediate (Day 3)

10.00 am to

4.00 pm

Advanced steps in 3D Modeling

a. Using advanced features of Google Sketchup and Openscad to create complex 3D models

b. Advanced Sourcing of free 3D models (3D Warehouse,Thingiverse, Cubify and vetting of models)

c. Create a 1st prize trophy with your NAME on it.

Intermediate (Day 4)

10.00 am to

4.00 pm

Advanced steps in 3D Printing

a. Tuning of 3D printing parameters to control accuracy

b. Tuning and Maintenance of the 3D Printer

c. Create a model of your choice eg. Master Yoda to bring home.